A Fair Hiring Framework for Responsible Business

Our Help Wanted Primer articulates the risk to multinational companies of forced labor and resulting debt-bondage caused by labor recruitment, and identifies the places within a company’s sourcing practices where recruiters present a reputational and legal liability.

Use this report to identify the needed changes in corporate practices and ways that brands and their suppliers can take action.

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Help Wanted Policy Brief

Our Policy Brief defines the major policy debates and gaps in regulation, monitoring and enforcement and will help connect businesses with major national, regional and international resources and efforts on recruitment policy. 

Research Reports

Verité’s research reports illustrate how all stakeholder groups must address hiring, and the ‘traps’ that they can create that lead to instances of trafficking, slavery and debt bondage.


Responding to The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act has focused company attention on the presence of human trafficking and modern-day slavery in supply chains. Yet standard social compliance responses will not be adequate to reduce company risks - or worker vulnerability - to these egregious problems. In our White Paper, Compliance is Not Enough: Best Practices in Responding to the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act, Verité outlines the content of the Act, the sources of trafficking and forced labor risk, and what is necessary in order to address these problems adequately in supply chain production.

Help Wanted Resources