2. Raising Awareness and Building Capacity

A brand’s policy cannot be well-implemented unless the issue it addresses is understood by management and staff. A well-trained and informed company will be in a strong position to translate policy into effective and sustainable practice.

Brands should seek to raise awareness broadly and deeply within their own companies and across their supply chains. They should target senior managers and key personnel from within CSR, social compliance and supply chain departments as well as relevant personnel and counterparts among their suppliers. To start, awareness-raising can target at-risk countries or regions, and then be rolled out to include all operations within the supply base. A new policy or revised code can provide the basis for this awareness-raising.

Brands should also conduct training for their staff and suppliers. This training can cover:

  • The companies social responsibilities principles;
  • Methods of detecting abuse in recruitment and hiring;
  • Effective measures of prevention and corrective action; and
  • Strategies for continuous improvement.

A training program can be held face-to-face or online. It can be facilitated by the brand or in partnership with other companies and stakeholders. Whatever the method, training and awareness are key steps in tackling abuse in recruitment and hiring and setting out protections for migrant workers.

The tools and links provided in this section give you an overview of recruiter-induced forced labor and human trafficking, and the key red flags of risk and vulnerability. You can use these tools to raise your awareness, share them with your colleagues, and consider integrating them in internal communications and training.